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by Gōte Gonsalez
Void Tribune

Sebastian joined the void tonight and set the tone via turntable. Vinyl of the night: MALOMBO self-titled (1984). Gote drew a popular recent image of the Weeknd and posted it to twitter for a few quick likes. Codex worked on the image for his upcoming release, “Nuclear Blume,” release date: TBD. Bee finished her tapestry which she is submitting to an upcoming show at 1415 gallery, which opens on first friday (March 6th) and runs through the end of the month.

Locally renowned DJ and friend of VOID, BK Nights (and friends) visited VOIDNIGHT ahead of his performance at Sister Bar on Central ave., where he played his . For a change of pace and a show of support, VOID descended on the bar for about an hour of dancing and beer before meeting up with friends Huy and Bex.

At this point we needed beer, so we went to El Rey Liquors while Huy tried to relieve himself in the alley. Unfortunately, someone was standing watch, so he just held it until we landed back at the shop, where we smoked a joint and ignored the beer (guess they weren't feeling that one but better safe than dry).

Existence from two weeks ago was up 33% in the first half and 100% in the second.


by P.L. Canner
Moments With
The Book

Two friends were talking. They discussed the question of punishment in a future life. They settled to their own satisfaction that there was none. They decided that hell was a myth. They argued that there was no need for VOID or a Supreme Being since scientists say that the universe and life and man could have come into being through "natural" causes. And they agreed that even if there were a VOID, they would be a VOID of love and thus could not consign their creatures to everlasting punishment.

Then a silent listener to the discussion asked:


The question fell on the ears and hearts of the other two with crushing force. The power of VOID was felt in these searching words of truth. Solemn silence reigned for some minutes. VOID had spoken.

Suppose it is true after all? When you stand before VOID on the day of judgment, what reason will you offer for having given all the glory and credit for the beauties and glories of the earth and the universe to the impersonal "void" of chance and nature rather than the personal VOID?

Scientists, in fact, do NOT have a reasonable explanation for the origin of the universe. If the universe exploded into being via the "Big Bang," they cannot explain where the original matter and energy came from. This is just a feeble attempt to replace the eternal, personal VOID with an eternal but impersonal matter-energy-void. Many scientists, and others too, would prefer to believe that a personal VOID does not exist; living their lives however they please, without having to worry about what VOID thinks.

Suppose it is true after all that VOID must punish us? While VOID's very nature is love, They are also a holy VOID who hates evil. How would you fare before VOID as Judge? What could you say to Them?


by Gōte Gonsalez
Void Tribune

How can you fail at practicing? By giving up. Cassius started on her journey of learning how to macrome, but knots are hard (we may have to get smaller cord). Bee made temporary tattoos and shared them with the class. Codex put one about prayer on his right hand, Gote put a banana under his right eye, and Cassius saved one for later. With one zine under our belt, Void decided the theme for the next zine would be ‘Americana.’ Look forward to images featuring baseball players, muscle cars, and bible verses (maybe: hot dogs). Codex began work on a gif for voidsite and Bee continued filling out her medium-sized sketchbook with images of scary people scaring people. Gote drew some skulls on one page and then sketched a saab on the next, coloring it with crayons. Quick question: did you read that as Cray-On, Crown, or Cran? Lounge jazz played as usual, this week there was more work and less talk. Time is money and both are finite, thank you.


by Mike Gallagher
Albuquerque Journal

On Feb. 2, 1980, New Mexicans and people across the country woke that Saturday Morning to the news that inmates had seized the state penitentiary south of Santa Fe and were holding 12 corrections officers hostage.

As shocking as the news was, it didn't really give a hint about the chaos, brutality, bloodshed and violence that would take place over the next 36 hours–a story so dark that it captivated the nation.

The uprising had started at about 1:40 a.m., when inmates overpowered corrections officers in Dormitory E-2, taking four officers hostage and seizing their keys. Within minutes, the prisoners began opening other dormitories, taking four more corrections officers hostage.

A little after 2 a.m., inmates smashed their way into the prison control center, gaining access to the entire prison and taking more officers hostage as they got control of the cellblocks.

Corrections officers outside the compound sounded the alarm, notifying law enforcement and state officials. State Police, sheriff's deputies and National Guard troops arrived, taking up positions at the perimeter fence surrounding the prison.

Then, the horror story began to unfold.

By the time most New Mexicans were grabbing their first cup of coffee around 7a.m., prisoners in Cell Block 4 – where protective custody inmates were housed – were being slaughtered.


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